Journals Vol.45 No.3

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Regular Articles

Characteristics of the Male Skin—Comparing Skin Conditions and How They Correlate with an Anti-Oxidant Factor in the Stratum Corneum between Men and Women … Makito SUZUKI, Toshii IIDA … 185
Key words: sex-related differences, men’s skin, anti-oxidant, superoxide dismutase 1, environmental stress.
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SPARC Up-Regulates Production and Pericellular Organization of Collagen I and Hyaluronan via TGF-β Signaling in Skin Fibroblasts … Masaki KOBAYASHI, Hiroyuki YOSHIDA, Tomomi NAKAMURA, Kohei YAMAZAKI, Yoko ENDO, Tetsuya SAYO, Yoshito TAKAHASHI … 191
Key words: SPARC (BM40/Osteonectin), Skin fibroblast, Collagen I, Hyaluronan, TGF-β signaling.
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Skin Care for Sensitive Skin Focused on Ceramides … Hidetoshi TAIMA … 201
Key words: sensitive skin, ceramide, skin barrier, dry skin, oily skin.
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Development of Cosmetics Focusing on the Basket-weave Stratum Corneum … Maya HONGO … 209
Key words: stratum corneum, basket-weave structure, desmoglein 1, oil-in-water emulsion.
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Epidermal Barrier Homeostasis … Akiharu KUBO … 215
Key words: Stratum corneum, tight junction, Kelvin’s tetrakaidekahedron, Langerhans cell, percutaneous sensitization.
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Atopic March Will Be Implemented from Skin Sensitization … Yukihiro OHYA … 216
Key words: skin sensitization, atopic march, atopic dermatitis, food allergen, percutaneous sensitization.
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My Footpath of Photodermatology … Ryoichi KAMIDE … 217
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Original Report Abstracts of 46th Annual Meeting … 220
Technical Information … 238
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 287
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 291
Announcement … 293