Journals Vol.42 No.1

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Regular Article

Objective Evaluation of Lip Dryness and Its Associated Factors … Eriko TOMOKI, Hiromi KANTO, Yukitaka TSUJI … 1
Key words: lip dryness, image analysis, scoring, allergic diatheses, lifestyle.
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Science of Hair Melanin and Hair Graying … Hitomi AOKI … 9
Key words: hair graying, melanocyte, stem cell, aging.
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Efforts to Realize Beautiful Hair … Mikako EZURE … 15
Key words: hair, structure, luster, shape, motion.
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“Appearance Care” Changes to Hair Following Cancer Treatment and Subsequent Patient Support … Keiko NOZAWA … 21
Key words: cancer treatment, hair loss, appearance care, patient support.
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Basic Lecture

Preface for “Basic Lecture of Cosmetics for Dermatologists” … Tetsuji HIRAO … 26
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Why Do People Wear Make-up? … Masayuki SUZUMORI … 27
Key words: classification of make-up activities, classification of purposes for make-up, history of Japanese make-up culture, allure of women’s appearance, effects of make-up.
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Fumihiro OKADA … 36
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Technical Information … 40
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 58
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 64
Announcement … 65