Journals Vol.41 No.2

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Notice of Revised Submission Guidelines … 99
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Regular Articles

A Novel Image Analysis Method to Evaluate Carbonylated Proteins in the Stratum Corneum … Taeko MIZUTANI, Toshiyuki MIZUTANI, Chiho IMAMURA, Yuri OKANO, Hitoshi MASAKI … 101
Key words: carbonylated proteins, stratum corneum, image analysis.
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Effects of Green Tea Intake on the Lipid Peroxidation and the Branched Blood Vessel by UV-A Irradiation to Mouse Skin … Setsuko INOUE, Chihiro KOMATSU, Michiko ENDO, Shigeru NAKAJIMA, Isao NAGAOKA … 106
Key words: green tea intake, UV-A, lipid peroxide, branched blood vessel, skin.
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Effects of a Long Term Use of Sunscreen … Makoto MIZUNO … 113
Key words: sunscreen, photoaging, UV, photocarcinogenesis, used amount.
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Characteristics of Sunscreen Formula Technology … Takashi FUKUI … 119
Key words: UV, sunscreen, zinc oxide, UV absorbers, α gel.
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Sunscreen and Vitamin D … Ryoichi KAMIDE … 124
Key words: sunscreen, vitamin D, ultraviolet ray, skin cancer, photoaging.
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Hiromi KANTO … 132
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Technical Information … 135
Book Review … 155
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 156
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 160
Announcement … 165