Journals Vol.44 No.2

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Regular Articles

Comparison of Usage Amount of Various Sunscreen Products by a Questionnaire Survey and Application Study on Volunteers … Ai MARUME, Masahiro KURAMOCHI, Makoto KAWASHIMA … 87
Key words: sunscreen, actual usage amount, UV, SPF, photoaging.
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The Effect of Carbonylation on Yellowish Coloration of Replicatively Senescent Dermal Fibroblasts … Kotone EGUCHI, Satoshi YOSHIMOTO, Moemi YOSHIDA, Hiroki YANAGI, Masayuki YAGI, Yuji YAMASHITA, Tetsuji HIRAO, Masamitsu ICHIHASHI, Hideya ANDO … 92
Key words: aldehyde, carbonylation, reactive oxygen species, yellowish color.
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Appearance and Anti-Aging Concept —From Beauty to Health— … Hidekazu YAMADA … 99
Key words: appearance, epigenetic clock, beauty, intestinal-brain-skin axis, anti-aging.
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Transition of Beautiful Ladies in Japan … Yukio SHIRAKABE … 105
Key words: the face of Japanese, the requirements of beautiful lady, painted portrait, photographed portrait.
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Thinking of the Beauty from Artistic Anatomy: The Beauty of the Trunk … Michiyo MIYANAGA … 115
Key words: artistic anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci, ancient Greek, trunk, Renaissance.
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Introduction to Haptics … Masashi NAKATANI … 123
Key words: haptics, touch receptors, decision making, discriminative touch, affective touch.
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Basic Lectures

Makeup Instruction for Sensitive Skin … Hiromi KANTO … 129
Key words: sensitive skin, skin care, internal diseases, aging, makeup instruction.
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Features and Usage of Cover Cosmetics … Akemi MURAI … 135
Key words: cover makeup, camouflage makeup, appearance care, vitiligo, QOL (quality of life).
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Naoki UTOGUCHI … 143
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Technical Information … 146
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 172
Announcement … 175