Journals Vol.43 No.3

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Relationship between Skin Permeation and Concentration of Caffeine Obtained in Vitro Skin Permeation Experiments after Application of Various Formulations with an Infinite Dose: Verification Result for Utilization to Dose Setting Method Guideline for Human Long-Duration Trials (Safety), Part 2 …  Dose Setting Method Guideline Committee … 183
Key words: skin concentration, in vitro skin permeation experiment, infinite dose, hydrophilic compound, skin resistance.
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Proposal of “Functional Perfume” as New Health Strategy: Application of Human Pheromone Equivalent … Kazuyuki SHINOHARA, Wataru TARUMI … 191
Key words: menopause, pheromone, woman, hormone, olfaction.
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Humanlike Robots and the Future Society … Hiroshi ISHIGURO … 196
Key words: humanoid, android, interaction.
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Basic Lectures

Hair Care Products and Their Effects …  Takashi ITOU … 199
Key words: hairstyling, perm, curling agent, coloring, hair growing agent.
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Cosmetics and Fragrance …  Naomi HIRANO, Kenya ISHIDA … 209
Key words: fragrances, cosmetic products, creation, perfumers, regulations.
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Original Report Abstracts of 44th Annual Meeting … 223
Report from Dose Setting Method Guideline Committee: Guidelines for Evaluation of Cosmetic Functions
Dose Setting Method Guideline for Human Long-Duration Trials (Safety) … 243
Technical Information … 257
Book Review … 267
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 268
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 274
Announcement … 277