Journals Vol.46 No.1

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A Possible Mechanism Underlying the Hypersensitivity of Dry Skin to Sensory Stimuli: Low Humidity Modulates the Imbalance between Nerve Growth Factor and Semaphorin3A through Oxidative Stress … Yukiko IZUTSU-MATSUMOTO, Misaki HIRAYAMA, Daiki KYOTANI, Yuri OKANO, Hitoshi MASAKI … 1
Key words: dryness, reactive oxygen species, NGF, semaphorin3A, epidermis.
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Appearance of Psychophysiological Effect of Hydrogen Inhalation and Effect of Continuous Use on the Skin Properties … Takashi TAKEHARA, Yukari HAYASHI, Miyuki FUJISHIRO, Eri KITAMURA, Yukihiro YADA … 8
Key words: hydrogen inhalation, psychophysiological effect, anti-stress, skin properties, regulating effects.
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Current Status of Functional Cosmetics and Its Regulatory Approval from International Perspectives … Hitoshi SASA … 20
Key words: cosmetics, quasi-drugs, intermediate category, alternative testing, regulatory approval.
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Guidance of Alternative Methods for Animal Experiment for Approval of Quasi-Drug Additives … Hajime KOJIMA … 30
Key words: quasi-drug, cosmetic ingredient, additives, alternative test methods, regulatory acceptance.
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Problems of Cosmetics Safety Evaluation Indicated by Dermatologists … Masatoshi ITOH … 37
Key words: safety evaluation of cosmetics, animal testing, human patch testing, skin sensitization testing, institutional review board.
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Regarding the Current Status of Safety Evaluation Guidance for Quasi-Drugs and Cosmetics Using Alternative Methods for Animal Experiments … Morihiko HIROTA … 44
Key words: quasi-drugs, guidance, skin irritation, single-dose toxicity, JaCVAM.
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Psychological Stress and Skin … Makoto HASHIRO … 46
Key words: psychology, skin, stress, cytokine, psychosomatics.
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The Relationship of Skin Sense and Mind … Hajime YAMAGUCHI … 51
Key words: skin sense, oxytocin, c-tactile afferents, touching.
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Forty Years Since the Encounter with the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society —Looking Back on Research Related to Cosmetics— … Hirohiko SUEKI … 59
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Yoko NIKI, Tetsuji HIRAOA … 62
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Technical Information … 66
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 104
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 107
Announcement … 109