Journals Vol.45 No.4

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Regular Articles

Patch Test Results of Cosmetics and Relates Allergens in 2019: ~Comparison with the Last 10 Years~ … Kumiko WASHIZAKI, Hiromi KANTO, Hiroko TANAKA, Takashi ITO, Kanna HONMURA, Akira ISHIKO … 317
Key words: contact dermatitis, patch test, cosmetic products, cosmetic allergen.
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The Calcium Accumulation Observed on the Skin Tissue Chronically Exposed by the Sun … Katsuhisa YAMADA, Yuji SHIBATA, Tatsuki YAMAMOTO, Michiyasu NOMURA … 324
Key words: calcium accumulation, calcification, human dermis, photoaging, sun exposure
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Establishment of a Threshold of Toxicological Concern Concept for Skin Sensitization by in Vitro/in Silico Approaches … Takao ASHIKAGA, Kaori AMBE, Masaharu SUZUKI, Masayuki KURIMOTO, Takashi YAMADA, Masahiro TOHKIN … 331
Key words: TTC, DST, skin sensitization, machine learning.
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An Epidermal Barrier Dysfunction Induces an Intractable Itch … Kenji TAKAMORI … 336
Key words: barrier dysfunction, stratum corneum barrier, tight junction barrier, intractable itch.
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Behavior of the Skin Responding to Changes of Foreign Environmental Stimuli … Hitoshi MASAKI … 344
Key words: UV, blue light, infrared light, low humidity, reactive oxygen species.
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Diet-Mediated Immune Regulation in the Skin … Takahiro NAGATAKE, Jun KUNISAWA … 348
Key words: dietary lipids, essential fatty acids, metabolism, dermatitis, allergy.
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We Are Connected with the Earth —Global Change, Material Cycles, and Sustainable Development Goals— … Naohiro YOSHIDA … 353
Key words: global environnemental change, global warming, ozone depletion, material cycle, SDGs.
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Technical Information … 355
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 383
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 387
Contents of Vol. 45 … 388
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