Journals Vol.45 No.2

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A Special Retrospective in Memory of Dr. Shotaro Harada

The late Dr. Harada
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Remembrance of Dr. Shotaro Harada … Akira ISHIKO … 79
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In Memory of Great Man, Dr. Shotaro Harada … Makoto KAWASHIMA … 80
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Dr. Shotaro Harada … Taimei KASE … 82
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(Repost from 2015) Special Interview with Dr. Shotaro Harada … 83
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Regular Articles

Analysis of Anti-Inflammatory Function of Interleukin-37 in Epidermis … Masashi Hirakawa, Yuko Murakami, Hiroshi Tanaka, Seiji Hasegawa, Satoru Nakata … 87
Key words: IL-37, inflammation, spots, keratinocyte, UVB.
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Inhibition of Tyrosinase Activity by Sake Lee Extract … Motoko Takaoka, Moemi Kuba, Mayu Saitou, Wakana Sugimoto, Yuki Motono … 93
Key words: sake lee, skin-whitening, inhibition of tyrosinase activity, mushroom tyrosinase.
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Changes in Living Environment and Sensitive Skin … Masashi Miyai … 97
Key words: enviromental change, climate change, Bleomycin Hydrolase (BH), Caspase14 (C14), sensitive skin.
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Skin Permeation and Concentration of Active Ingredients with Different Types of Formulation:
Utilization of the Result of “Dose Setting Method Guideline for Human Long-Duration Trials”
… Hiroaki Todo … 106
Key words: skin permeation, skin concentration, infinite dose, cosmetic active ingredient, dose setting method.
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Development of Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin Focusing on Barrier-Care … Masayuki Kikuta … 112
Key words: sensitive skin, barrier function, skincare, d program.
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Basic Lecture

The Science of Cosmetic Psychology and Behavior: Research on Cosmetics That Resonate with the Mind and the Skin … Keiko Tagai … 116
Key words: cosmetic psychology and behavior, psychophysiological effects, skin care, makeup, fragrance.
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Hiroyuki MUROTA … 128
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Technical Information … 130
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 170
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 174
Announcement … 175