Journals Vol.44 No.4

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Regular Articles

A Potential of α-Tocopherol Fatty Acid Ester as an Anti-Pigmentation Agent … Karin ENDO, Suzuna OSAWA, Taeko MIZUTANI, Yuto MIYAGUCHI, Yuri OKANO, Hitoshi MASAKI … 283
Key words: UVB, ROS, melanosome transfer, prostaglandin E2.
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Analytical Method for Trace Metal Impurity in Cosmetic Products by Microwave Digestion-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry … Reiji KUBOTA, Takumi AKIYAMA, Yoshiaki IKARASHI … 289
Key words: cosmetic products, heavy metals, impurity, microwave digestion-ICP-MS, HF.
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Treatment and Prevention of Skin Diseases in Aging Society … Nobukazu HAYASHI … 295
Key words: aging, prevention, treatments, skin cancer, ultraviolet, sun screen.
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Effect of Application Behavior of Cosmetic Products on the Skin Permeation and Concentration … Hiroaki TODO … 300
Key words: skin permeation, skin concentration, in vitro experiment, cosmetic active ingredients, safety evaluation.
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Mechanism for Beneficial Effect of Collagen Peptide upon Ingestion … Kenji SATO … 308
Key words: collagen peptide, Pro-Hyp, fibroblast, mesenchymal stem cell, wound healing.
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Creating a New Value of Sleep Health Care; A Healthy Body Provided by Good Sleep … Tomomi SANO … 314
Key words: sleep, health, foods with function claims, sake yeast, skin.
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A Retrospective Glance at My Works in Cosmetic Industry, Particularly, Works Done with JCSS … Kazuko ITO … 320
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Technical Information … 323
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 348
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 352
Contents of Vol. 44 … 353
Announcement … 359