Journals Vol.43 No.4

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Regular Article

Influence of UVA Irradiation on Calcification of Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts …  Katsuhisa Yamada, Yuji Shibata, Tatsuki Yamamoto, Michiyasu Nomura, Chiaki Imada … 303
Key words: calcification, fibroblast, photo-aging, UVA.
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A World of Novel Cosmetics and Medicines to Open Up by Microneedle … Shinsaku Nakagawa … 309
Key words: microneedle, transdermal delivery.
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Open Innovation through Joint Research Chairs in Cosmetic Science … Fumihiro Okada … 313
Key words: open innovation, cosmetic science, joint research chairs, sweat gland, TRPM4.
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Tactile Sensing in the Development of Cosmetics and Cosmetic Ingredients … Yoshimune Nonomura … 318
Key words: cosmetics, tactile feel, friction, skin, hair.
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Regulatory Update on Quasi-Drugs and Cosmetics … Taku Ohhara … 322
Key words: quasi-drugs, cosmetics, regulation.
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Basic Lectures

Safety Assurance of Cosmetic Products …  Akiko Tamura … 328
Key words: cosmetic products, safety, regulation, assurance.
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What Has Been Told to My Students … Tadanori Mayumi … 333
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Hiroyuki TAGUCHI … 335
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Technical Information … 338
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 372
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 376
Contents of Vol. 43 … 378
Announcement … 383