Journals Vol.43 No.2

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Regular Article

Analysis of Skin Physiology after Facial Skin Care … Kumiko WASHIZAKI, Hiromi KANTO, Takashi ITO, Seiji NOMURA, Akira ISHIKO … 93
Key words: aesthetic treatment, facial skin care, stratum corneum water content, transepidermal water loss, water content under stratum corneum.
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Relationship between Skin Permeation and Concentration of Isopropyl Methyl Phenol Obtained in Vitro Skin Permeation Experiments after Application of Various Formulations with an Infinite Dose: Verification Result for Utilization to Dose Setting Method Guideline for Human Long-Duration Trials (Safety), Part 1 …  Dose Setting Method Guideline Committee … 99
Key words: skin concentration, skin permeation, in vitro skin permeation experiment, infinite dose, finite dose.
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Influence of Environmental Factors on Skin Aging  … Hitoshi MASAKI … 109
Key words: skin aging, environment factor, sunlight, air pollutants, humidity.
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Basic Lectures

The Mechanisms of Skin Wrinkle Formation and Development of Anti-Wrinkle Products …  Kazuyuki YO … 113
Key words: wrinkles, photo-aging, anti-wrinkle treatment.
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Makeup Products …  Ryo HAGINO … 119
Key words: makeup products, colorant, usability, wax and resin, stability.
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At Age 80, Looking Back upon My Young Days and Dermatological Research … Hachiro TAGAMI … 128
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Nahoko IIMURA … 132
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Technical Information … 135
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 168
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 172
Announcement … 175