Journals Vol.42 No.4

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Science of Shape in the Skin: From Macro to Micro … Akira ISHIKO … 247
Key words: morphology, microscopy, macroscopy, genomics.
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How to Make Use of Skin Examination for the Safety of Cosmetics … Hiromi KANTO … 252
Key words: cosmetic dermatitis, patch test, cosmetic component.
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Shapes of Epidermal Cells for the Barrier Homeostasis … Akiharu KUBO … 257
Key words: tight junction, epidermal barrier, stratum corneum, Kelvin’s tetrakaidecahedron.
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Colors and Shape of Melanocytic Nevus: They Greatly Differ between Children and Adults … Masaru TANAKA … 258
Key words: nevus, melanin, melanocytes, globular, reticular.
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Diversity of the Human Face: Morphological Points of View the Facial View … Kazuyuki SHIMADA … 262
Key words: human, face, morphology, anthropology, aging.
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Image Evaluation of the Face by Women’s College Students … Setsuko ISAJI … 268
Key words: image evaluation, average face, beautiful face, SD method, factor analysis.
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Basic Lecture

Cleansing Agents and Their Effects … Yasushi KAKIZAWA … 270
Key words: cleansing agent, detergency, low stimulative effect, foaming property, surfactant
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Moisturizing Cosmetics and Their Effects … Yasuyuki TAKAHASHI … 280
Key words: stratum corneum, natural moisturizing factor, barrier function, humectant, emollient.
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Take a Retrospective Glance at My Studies: A Close Involvement in Toxicological Sciences … Takemi YOSHIDA … 288
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Technical Information … 291
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 317
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 321
Contents of Vol. 42 … 323
Announcement … 327