Journals Vol.42 No.3

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How Do Animals Dress Up Their Skin? …  Shigeru KONDO … 157
Key words: pattern formation, Turing, skin pattern, pigment cell, simulation.
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Basic Lecture

Regulations on Cosmetics and Medicated Cosmetics … Kyoko TOGAYA … 162
Key words: cosmetics, medicated cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices law, marketing and manufacturing, quasi-drugs.
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Look Back on My Clinical Research in Cosmetic Science … Masatoshi ITOH … 172
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Yuji YAMASHITA, Tetsuji HIRAO … 175
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Original Report Abstracts of 43rd Annual Meeting … 178
Technical Information … 193
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 216
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 221
Announcement … 225