Journals Vol.42 No.2

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Regular Articles

Na+/H+ Exchanger 1 Is Responsible for Skin pH and Rough Skin …  Yuhko MURAKAMI, Hiroshi TANAKA, Youichi YASHIRO, Satoru NAKATA … 79
Key words: Na+/H+ exchanger 1 (NHE1), skin surface pH, rough skin, mildly acidic, relationship.
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Beauty and Happiness in Japan, England and China …  Ichiro SASAKI … 85
Key words: subjective beauty, intertemporal evaluation, happiness.
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Anatomy of Hair Follicles and Hair Abnormality (AGA) … Shigeki INUI … 93
Key words: hair follicle, hair cycle, androgen, androgenetic alopecia.
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Development and Evaluation for Hair Growth Stimulants: The Past and the Future … Tokuro IWABUCHI … 98
Key words: hair, quasi-drug, re-evaluation, existent drug, drug development.
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Skin Disorders Due to Use of Hair Care Products: Hair Dye, Shampoo, and Conditioner … Akiko YAGAMI … 104
Key words: allergic contact dermatitis, hair coloring, isothiazolinone preservatives, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), SSCI-Net.
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Basic Lecture

Types of Skincare Cosmetics and Their Usage … Miki MINAMINO … 109
Key words: classification of cosmetics, history of cosmetic technology, usage of cosmetics, skincare products.
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Noriko SUENOBU … 125
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Technical Information … 127
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 140
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 144
Announcement … 149