Journals Vol.41 No.4

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Review and New Concepts of Skin Moisturization … Tetsuji HIRAO … 277
Key words: barrier, dry skin, moisturizer, stratum corneum, water.
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Dermatological Benefits of Cosmetics … Katsuko KIKUCHI … 282
Key words: cosmetics, skin care products, moisturizers, sunscreens, make-up products.
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Prevention of Development of Atopic Dermatitis … Tatsuki FUKUIE … 286
Key words: allergic march, atopic dermatitis, prevention, risk factor, skin care.
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Mechanisms of Hair Follicle Aging … Emi NISHIMURA … 293
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Masahiro GOTO … 294

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Technical Information … 297
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 341
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 345
Contents of Vol. 41 … 348
Announcement … 353