Journals Vol.41 No.3

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Address by the President … Akira ISHIKO … 179

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The Loss of Membrane Cholesterol Caused by UVA Irradiation Affects Collagen Metabolism in Dermal Fibroblasts … Hiroaki ADACHI, Hiroshi TANAKA, Youichi YASHIRO, Satoru NAKATA, Naohide HIRASHIMA … 181
Key words: plasma membrane, function, ultraviolet, collagen.
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Characterization of Skin Photo-Aging through Skin Longitudinal Research, and It’s Application to Skin-Aging Protection … Kukizo MIYAMOTO … 188
Key words: skin photodamage, longitudinal skin aging, skin appearances, wrinkles, hyperpigmented spots.
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Basic Research in Cosmetics Science … Tetsuji NISHIMURA … 196
Key words: cosmetics, basic research, nanomaterial, safety, relief.
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Japanese Cosmetic Science Society: What We Did, and What We Should Do … Makoto KAWASHIMA … 198
Key words: guidelines for evaluation of cosmetic functions, anti-wrinkle products, safety test, photoaging, sunscreen products.
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Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using iPS Cells … Masayo TAKAHASHI … 205
Key words: age-related macular degeneration, iPS cells, regenerative medicine, retinal pigment epithelial cell, primary end point.
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Look Back on My Clinical Research in Cosmetic Science … Shinichi WATANABE … 207
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Tokuro IWABUCHI … 210
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Original Report Abstracts of 42nd Annual Meeting … 212

Report from the Future Planning Committee of JCSS: Consensus Statement on Skin Photoaging and Prevention

Foreword from the Chairman of the Future Planning Committee of JCSS … Yoshiki MIYACHI … 237
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Foreword from the Editorial Chief of Consensus Statement … Akimichi MORITA … 238
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Consensus Statement on Skin Photoaging and Prevention … The Future Planning Committee of JCSS … 240
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All You Should Know for Prevention of Pigment Spots and Wrinkles (Photoaging) Caused by Ultraviolet Light
―Enjoy the Blessings of Sunlight without Suffering from the Harmful Effects of Ultraviolet Light―
… The Future Planning Committee of JCSS … 244
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Technical Information … 246
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 255
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 260
Announcement … 263