Journals Vol.41 No.1

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Regular Articles

Stimulation of Noggin Signaling in Keratinocytes by an Extract of Mulberry(Morus alba L) … Hiroyuki YAMABA, Hiroaki ADACHI, Hiroshi TANAKA, Satoru NAKATA, Chaogang WANG, Katsutoshi YOSHIZATO … 1
Key words: Morus alba L, hair growth, keratinocytes, noggin, oxidative stress.
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Investigation of the Daily Fluctuation of Angiopoietin 1 Gene Expression Using Cultured Skin Cells … Yoko GOZU, Shinichiro HAZE … 9
Key words: dermal fibroblast, epidermal keratinocyte, DNA micro array, ANGPT1.
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Clinical Trial in Patients with Scalp Dermatosis … Chikako OZEKI, Osamu MORO, Hiromi KANTO … 15
Key words: shampoo, anion-surfactants, skin-irritation, QOL.
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Color Illusion … Akiyoshi KITAOKA … 23
Key words: color, illusion, vein, skin, color constancy.
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Color and Color Vision Mechanism … Keiji UCHIKAWA … 28
Key words: color vision, color perception, L, M, S cones, cone opponent, categorical colors.
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“Time of Light” —Learn Light Once More— … Shu TAKESHITA … 36
Key words: light, solar ultraviolet-B, ozone, long-term trend, global warming.
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Sun Protection Test Methods —Current Situation and Future Issues of Measurement and Labeling of SPF and PA— … Kiyoshi SATO … 44
Key words: UV protection, SPF, PA, ISO24442, ISO24444.
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Looking Back on My Cosmetological Path … Yoshiki MIYACHI … 49
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