Journals Vol.40 No.4

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Effect of Layered Application of Different Cosmeceutical Formulations Containing Rhododendrol … Kenji SUGIBAYASHI, Hiroaki TODO, Ayaka ODA … 259
Key words: finite dose, layered application, rhododendrol, skin permeation, transdermal delivery.
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Development of LED Lighting Luminaire for Realizing Preferred Appearance of Facial Skin Color by Spectrum Control … Wataru IWAI, Takashi SAITO, Sayaka YAMAGUCHI … 262
Key words: LED, skin color, lighting, Correlated Color Temperature, Duv.
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Looking Back on Our Research for 40 Years … Toshio NISHIYAMA … 268
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Takashi SATO … 271
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Technical Information … 274
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 313
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 316
Contents of Vol. 40 … 318
Announcement … 323