Journals Vol.40 No.3

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Skin Aging Research Focused on Ultraviolet Rays Induced Activation of Transposon … Yuhko MURAKAMI, Hiroaki ADACHI, Hiroshi TANAKA, Youichi YASHIRO, Satoru NAKATA … 163
Key words: transposon, LINE1, DNMT3A, collagen, UVB.
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The Relationship between Dermatology and the Color … Atsuyuki IGARASHI … 163
Key words: dermatology, skin color, melanin, visual illusion.
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From Skin Colorimetry to Facial Color Appearance … Akihiro MUNAKATA … 174
Key words: colorimetry, skin color, facial color, color appearance, color space.
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Face Detection Technology―Its Technology Building in Photographic Industry and Its Application Possibility for Cosmetic Research― … Hideyasu ISHIBASHI … 179
Key words: face detection, recognition, machine learning, face image, image analysis.
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Evaluation Method of Oily-Shine Using Facial Image … Rie OHTSUKI … 181
Key words: oily-shine, make-up face, multi-band camera, image analysis.
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My Research and Its Relation with Surfactant Study Which I Learned in My University Student Days … Shuji KITAGAWA … 186
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Masashi SHIBATA … 189
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Original Report Abstracts of 41st Annual Meeting … 192
Technical Information … 219
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 236
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 241
Announcement … 245