Journals Vol.40 No.1

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Morphological Changes of Facial Pores on Cheek with Sagging … Toshii IIDA, Takayuki ONO … 1
Key words: facial pore, cheek, sagging, elasticity, aspect ratio.
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Molecular Mechanisms of Sebum Production and Secretion in Sebocytes … Takashi SATO … 8
Key words: sebum production and secretion, sebaceous glands, skin barrier, sebocytes, holocrine mechanism.
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The Etiology, Treatment, and Prevention of Acne … Nobukazu HAYASHI … 12
Key words: acne, guideline, benzoyl peroxide, combined therapy, maintenance therapy.
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Innate Immunity in Facial Red … Kenshi YAMASAKI … 20
Key words: red face, rosacea, antimicrobial peptide, TLR2.
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Analysis of Cosmetic and Quasi-Drugs by HPLC Component Listed Mainly in Cosmetic Quality Standard … Keiji KIJIMA … 24
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Yoshihiro TOKUDOME … 29
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Technical Information … 32
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 59
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 62
Announcement … 65