Journals Vol.39 No.4

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Cosmetics—Dream and Reality— … Keisuke Makiko FUJII … 261
Key words: Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, history, future cosmetic, purpose of the 40th meeting.
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Symposium I

Historical Changes of Regulation and Safety Assessment … Takemi YOSHIDA … 265
Key words: historical change, sefety evaluation, health damage, drug metabolism, alternative testing method.
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History of the Effectiveness of Cosmetics … Masako NAGANUMA … 275
Key words: dry skin, sunscreen, whitening, sensitive skin, QOL.
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Symposium II

Risk/Benefit Communication … Michiko YAMAMOTO … 286
Key words: risk communication, risk/benefit, risk management, shared decision making, user testing.
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Hitoshi MASAKI … 293
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Technical Information … 296
Book Review… 331
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 333
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 336
Contents of Vol. 39 … 338
Announcement … 343