Journals Vol.39 No.3

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Regular Articles:

Different Impression of Pore Size Based on the Shape of Skin Texture …Shintaro FUJIWARA, Masaru USHIKI … 173
Key words: pores, TEWL, cheek, skin texture, stratum corneum.
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Hayabusa Samples from Asteroid Itokawa and Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry … Keisuke NAGAO … 177
Key words: Hayabusa samples, asteroid Itokawa, sample return, solar wind, cosmic-rays.
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Symposium II

Understanding the Epicutaneous Immune Responses Using Two-Photon Microscope … Kenji KABASHIMA … 186
Key words: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, inducible skin associated lymphoid tissue (iSALT), dendritic cell, live imaging.
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Roles of Autophagy-Related Gene in Differentiation and Maintenance of Epidermis … Mariko MORIYAMA, Hiroyuki MORIYAMA, Takao HAYAKAWA … 192
Key words: autophagy, apoptosis, differentiation, stress response, Notch signal.
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Original Report Abstracts of 40th Annual Meeting … 196
Technical Information … 221
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 241
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 244
Announcement … 247