Journals Vol.39 No.1

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Chondroitin Sulfate Disaccharide Enhances Extracellular Matrix-Related Gene and Protein Expression in Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts in Vitro … Kazuyuki KITAZAWA, Satoshi KANO, Fumie HASHIMOTO, Kenji SUGIBAYASHI, Yoshihiro TOKUDOME … 1
Key words: disaccharide chondroitin sulfate, type I collagen, decorin, elastin, lysyl oxidase.
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A Present State and Future Perspectives of Regenerative Medicine Utilizing Various Stem Cells Including iPS Cells … Shigaku IKEDA … 7
Key words: adipose derived stem cells, keratinocyte, ES cells, iPS cells.
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Safety Assessment of Cosmetics/Quasi-Drugs … Mitsuteru MASUDA … 13
Key words: cosmetics/quasi-drugs, safety assessment, safety-in-use, risk/benefit balance.
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Harmful Phenomenon on Cosmetics and History of Cosmetic Industries’ Efforts: From the Case of Melansis to the Case of Vitiligo … Katsuhiro TAKANO … 17
Key words: side effects by cosmetics, cosmetic regulation, Riehl melanosis, cleanser containing scrub agent, makeup remover.
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Lawsuits on Perfumery and Cosmetics: Mainly Products Liability … Noboru TANABE … 23
Key words: lawsuits, products liability, hydrolyzed wheat, anaphylaxy.
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Interview … 30
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Lucky Encouter with the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society in My Experiences as a Dermatologist: From the Viewpoint of Those Findings Obtained in the Studies on the Skin Properties as Well as on the Efficacy of Topical Skin Agents … Hachiro TAGAMI … 34
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Technical Information … 43
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 64
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 68
Announcement … 73